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Free BidCoins
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Fully Transparent
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Great Service

Rebehat  —  is the reliable lowest unique bid auction mobile App bringing you thousands of goods at a fraction of their retail price 

The winning bid price of any item regardless of its actual value will never exceed $9.99

Our catalogue of items is wide and varied, to suit local and worldwide tastes.  Individual users will appreciate the extensive features, usability, and transparency of our Apps

Additionally the Rebehat platform is built to allow organizations to utilize it for exciting marketing or promotional programs. The Rebehat platform and Apps utilizes state of the art technology to scale on-demand  and is multilingual 

Any organization or business can use the Rebehat platform to offer and promote their products and services to their targeted audience.  Learn How




"How does it work?"

In order to submit a valid bid in the Rebehat App, you will have to utilize the In-App currency called BidCoins.

BidCoins can be earned by different means:-

  • Registration Bonus:- When you register on the app, and verify your device, you will automatically receive 20 BidCoins.
  • Referral Bonus:- Refer your friends using your own referral code. For every verified referral, you will automatically receive 5 BidCoins, there is no limit.
  • Reward Bonus:- Earn free BidCoins by optionally  viewing reward ads within our app. Rewarded tokens from watching videos can be converted to BidCoins
  • Purchasing BidCoins:- You may opt to buy BidCoins. These are available as BidCoin bundles to suit differing requirements. These include ad hoc bundles or Subscription Bundles available through your Device App Store.

Every Auction Item on the app will have a unique Lot Number. Additionally, it will contain all necessary details regarding that specific auction item. 

Auction items are sometimes available only in certain regions to accommodate local tastes and needs.

The App maintains history and audit trail of any auctions your participate in to provide full transparency and allow users to formulate their own winning strategies.


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